May you follow so closely that you be covered in your Rabbi's (Jesus) dust and may you thirstily drink His Words.
— Derived from an ancient rabbi proverb

Welcome to The Feasts Blog!

This site is dedicated to bringing the Jewish people and Christians closer together. While at the same time, present Jesus as the Messiah mentioned in the Tanakh or Old Testament. This blog centers around the Feasts of the LORD as described in Leviticus 23. We pray that you will find this blog interesting, And, it helps to bring you closer to God. God wants to have fellowship with you. In fact, encouraging fellowship between God and man is one of the central purposes for the feasts. Join us as we follow the scarlet thread which weaves itself through the whole Bible.

Content is still being added to this site. We will be continuely add charts and diagrams under the “More Info” tab. So, please come back and see what is new. We also encourage you to explore the resources shown under the “Resources” tab. We get no income whatsoever from the sale of any of the materials mentioned.

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Come, join us as we celebrate the Feasts of the LORD in spirit and in our hearts!