About Us and the Blog

Who are we?

First, let's start with who we are not.  We are not Jewish.  We are not theologians nor have we had any formal training in theology.  We are just two ordinary vessels who are called to do this blog. We have gone to church and sunday school all of our lives.

We accepted Jesus Christ early in life and have been baptized in the Holy Spirit. My mom is in her late 60's and has done most of the studying on this subject.  I am in my mid 40’s and have the computer skills.  I also help with the study and give a second opinion on ideas and direction.

Why focus on the Feasts in Leviticus 23?

For a very long time, my mom has been interested in ancient Jewish culture especially about the Tabernacle in the days of Moses. A couple years ago, she found some very good books on the Feasts of the LORD in Leviticus 23. The subject fascinated her in how the various feasts play such an important role throughout the entire Bible, especially including Jesus’ ministry. Also, the feasts themselves presents a beautiful picture of the Messiah.

As we dug deeper, the Holy Spirit revealed so many truths about the feasts and the harvests. Much of the ancient and present Jewish culture revolve around the coming of the Messiah. As we stated in first blog entry, the Torah (Old Testament) provides a picture of the Messiah to come. The New Testament provides the person, Jesus (Yeshua), as the Messiah.

Why the blog?

We both share a strong burden for Israel and a Godly love for the Jewish people. My mom has tried to move onto other areas of study. But, her spirit kept drawing her back to the Feasts. There are so many wonderful resources on this subject. We pray that this blog helps fuel the fire in people’s hearts to study the wholeness of the Holy Word.

Through this blog, we want to:
  1. Lead others to Jesus even if it is only one person.
  2. Help bring the Christian and Jewish cultures and communities closer together.
  3. Present these valuable resources.
  4. Encourage further study of this subject.

Learning about the Jewish culture brings so much more meaning to the Scriptures of the Bible. Which, in turn, helps reveal how the Word applies to us today. It makes the Word come alive!

Today, more and more Christians are rediscovering the Feasts as God’s biblical holy days that He gave to all of His covenant children, not just the Jews. How we, as Christians, respond to this fresh insight depends on our hunger to learn more. We are to celebrate the feasts based upon how the Holy Spirit leads us. Through this blog, we want to eventually present the feasts in such a way that you feel as if you have experienced them in your mind and spirit. Let us experience them the way the Jewish people do.

First, there will be a few weeks of overview as we establish a foundation for the feasts. We will strive to post a new entry once a week, usually on Fridays. In the meantime, thoroughly examine what we write for yourselves. Test the Word. Over time, we will be adding charts and diagrams under the “More Info” tab. We pray you will enjoy the journey with us.

Why celebrate the feasts?

The Jewish people learned about the one true God through their visual aids (picture-to-person). The religious laws and rituals taught them how to know God, live under his protections, and to walk with Him on a daily basis like in the Garden of Eden. Sin entered the Garden in the form of a serpent (satan) but our loving Father always provides a way for His children to have forgiveness. God longs for us to know and walk with Him on a daily basis.

Unfortunately, we Christians, with good intentions, try to interpret the words of Jesus through western eyes rather than understanding Jesus as a Jewish Bible teacher of His time.

Benefits for Christians to experience “celebrating Jesus” in the feasts:
  1. Achieve a better understanding of the Bible.
  2. Rediscover the Jewish roots of Christianity.
  3. More fully comprehend God’s plan of redemption.
  4. Rekindle our passion for Jesus.
  5. Receive greater insight into God’s prophetic season.
  6. Obtain clearer and more powerful teaching through visual aids (picture-to-person) connections.
  7. biblical church calendar.
  8. Renew our love for the Jewish people.
  9. Gain understanding of the role of Israel in Bible prophecy and current events.
  10. Encourage spiritual growth and bonding among family members.

IMPORTANT: When we Christians celebrate Jesus through the Feasts, we are not trying to be Jews. We are simply expressing our desire to return to the Hebrew roots of our Faith. The Spirit of God births the desire to celebrate in our hearts. We have been grafted into the Hebrew root. Through this, we experience the inheritance passed down from Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. The more we learn, the deeper our roots grow. We become stronger thus not to be cut from The Root, our Messiah Jesus.

How can you help?

With lots of prayer! We do not want any monetary donations. We neither seek credit nor praise for this task. This is why we are trying to be so anonymous about ourselves.

We only want donations of prayer in the following areas:
  • Removal of any barriers that satan may throw in our way to stop this blog.
  • Help for others also called in similar ways as we have been called in these Final Days.
  • Our loved ones who have not accepted Messiah Jesus as their Lord and personal Savior.
  • The loved ones of people you know who have not accepted Jesus the Messiah into their hearts.

Come, join us as we celebrate the Feasts of the LORD in spirit and in our hearts!