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The Brazen Laver (Basin) of Cleansing

Last time, we wrote about the brazen altar. After touching a little more on the subject, we will present the brazen Laver or basin. Brazen Altar Continued God wanted to dwell among His people. How does a holy God dwell [More]

The Brazen Altar of Sacrifice

We have been exploring what is inside various doors in our past and in our future. Now, we are going to explore the doors in Moses’ tabernacle. In this post, we are going to enter the gate to the outer courtyard. [More]

Doors In Our Future

Now let’s explore the doors in our future. We have two choices: the “Door of Promise” or the “Door of Destruction”. It is your ultimate choice to choose which one. If you haven’t chosen, please choose the first one. The salvation plan at the end shows you how. [More]

Doors in Our Past

Examine the doors in our past. In particular, we present the “doors” of the Tabernacle and the two temples. We will also present the veil and its purpose. [More]

Entering the Blood Stained Door

Last time we examined the blood stained door of Exodus 12:22. This week, we will walk through the blood stained door. [More]

The Blood Stained Door

We have spent a few weeks on the symbols that make up Passover. Now, let’s study the most significant symbol in the original Passover event. [More]

The Lowly Hyssop Plant

Hyssop plays an important role in the Bible. It was at the beginning (Passover) and It was at the end (Calvery). Let’s learn more about this plant. [More]