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Breath of the Holies [BH]
By: Perry Stone
ISBN: 978-0970861191
Celebrating Jesus in the Biblical Feasts [CJBF]
By: Dr. Richard Booker
ISBN: 978-0768427370
Christ in the Feast of Tabernacles [CFT]
By: David Brickner
ISBN: 080241396X
Christ in the Passover [CP]
By: Ceil Moishe Rosen
ISBN: 978-0802413895
Exodus [EX]
By: Garry Matheny
ISBN: 978-1613792988
The Feasts of Israel [FI]
By: Bruce Scott
ISBN: 978-0915540143
The Feasts of the LORD [FL]
By: Kevin Howard and Marvin Rosenthal
ISBN: 978-0785275183
The Gospel in the Feasts of Israel [GFI]
By: Victor Buksbazen
ISBN: 978-0915540006
Jacob’s Dozen [JD]
By: William Varner
ISBN: 978-0915540396
The Tabernacle: Shadows of the Messiah [TSM]
By: David M. Levy
ISBN: 978-0825431586
These Are the Garments [TAG]
By: C. W. Slemming
ISBN: 978-0875088617
Thus Shalt Thou Serve [SS]
By: C. W. Slemming
ISBN: 978-0875085999


“Feasts & Holidays of the Bible” [FHB]
By: Rose Publishing
ISBN: 978-1890947583
“The Ten Commandments” [TC]
By: Rose Publishing
ISBN: 978-1596560617


Joel C. Rosenberg

Other Web Sites:

Perry Stone Ministries
Sounds of the Trumpet
Judaism 101
Timeless Truths: Music
Discovering Your Spiritual Gift (PDF)…
Find Biblical places on a map. Select a book and chapter. Then tap or click ob rge highlighrwd place name.


Bible Geocoding Project
This site has map files (.kml & .kmz) of all of the places in the Bible that can be loaded into Google Earth.
Google Earth
Site to get the Google Earth software for your computer.
Online Bible Atlas
This is a good source for public domain Bible maps.
Ezra SIL Hebrew Font
In the blog entries, we frequently use actual Hebrew text. To make the Hebrew text look its best, we recommend installing the Ezra SIL Hebrew font from this site. The font is freely available from this website at no cost to you. Many other websites that use actual Hebrew text are able to use this font.
RefTagger is a free plugin and free service that allows this site to show Bible verse popups. Example, let your mouse pointer hover over: John 3:16.